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    Our breeding cages are construction kits. You can build up as you wish.

    Drawing, screws and glue are included!

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    You can build on Fauna!
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    All legbands are numbered!

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    Bird feeders and nestboxes for your garden or balcony!

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    New at Fauna, SingingFriend!

The strength of Fauna Birdproducts

Fauna is a specialist in develop and manufacter products for birds and bird breeding! All our products are tested by bird breeders before going into production. 

60+ jaar ervaring

60+ years experienceIn the field of birds and their breeding

60+ jaar ervaring

Good qualityAnd punctual delivery guaranteed

60+ jaar ervaring

FlexibilityFlexibility in many areas

60+ jaar ervaring

Customized Standard and / or customized packaging

60+ jaar ervaring

Own products Range consists of 97% own products

60+ jaar ervaring

Thoroughly tested Our products are thoroughly tested!

Fauna in a nutshell.

Fauna is a family business since 1951 and was founded by Jan Mutsaers as a bird trading company. In 1974 Ad Mutsaers took over the company and focussed more and more on accessories. Nowadays Fauna is manufacturer, importer and exporter of accessories for birds. In 2005, with Jeroen Mutsaers the third generation became active within Fauna.

Fauna specializes in accessories for the birds, bird breeding and aviaries. Within the world of birds, Fauna a well known name that represents good and high quality products.

From our modern equipped company our products find, through a network of wholesalers in Europe and beyond, their way to the bird breeders and -lovers all over the world.