This month we will start the production with recycled beverage packagings. 20% of these packagings is plastic. We will use this to make new products. more info will folow asap.

New websites online (Apr 29, 2015 11:43:17 AM)

We proudly present our new websites and

Please take a look!

"SingingFriend" presents the feedR& breedR.

A wildbird feeder and nestbox different from all others! Greath design and functionality.

They can be placed anywhere with the included velcro or screws (not included).

Our customers asked for high quality breeding cages and carriers with,

low transport costs (volume)

low storage costs (volume)

less damage during transport

With these wishes we developed our range of cages and carriers as you find on our website.

All cages and carriers are construction kits with drawing, screws and glue included.

New warehouse (Jun 29, 2011 12:56:07 PM)

As from 12-08-11 we have doubled our storage capacity. You can now find us on Tinus van der Sijdestraat 6 and 6a. With this new warehouse we can extend our range of products in the next years. We keep you posted for new items.

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